Little Boy Dreams

Alone in the dark,
where fear owns the heart
Shackled by thoughts
Caged by the mind, as it rots

Stone cold, beneath bare feet
Tremors of the soul, in defeat
Tears that would soak the earth
Letting loose, the roots, from birth

Ribbons floating on the by
waving to latch, bidding to arise
A life left wasted will die
Below a star, studded sky


Send In The Clowns

Send in the clowns
A permanent portrait painted white
Inside, he bleeds out, with a smile on his face
He plays the fool, flops about like a goof
Rolling and falling, soda bottle squirting
Driving a tiny little mini in circles
Crashing into a wall, made to look real
Just to get a laugh, from the crowd at his misery
At the end of the show the cannon blasts out
A drawf, who flies through the air and lands dead
The crowd howls and hollars at the spectacal ahead
Not knowing, that fucker was really, dead!
Blood splattered everywhere, it oozed over the sand
That fills the center circle, under a tent
The Big Top, The Biggest Show On The Road
Pinned to his little poka-dotted jacket
A note that basically said
The End