The End

The End

Yellow, a mellow fellow who just gets by
Green, connected to nature getting high
Blue, the ones afflicted with a daily fight
Orange, artists creating sounds and sight
Red, are the lovers loving madly tonight
Grey, on the fence, sways left and right
Death is a delight when it’s the end of a colourful life.

Missing are the blacks and whites
They are forever holding tight
Souls of many tugging to a rite
Angels sing of joys triumphant sight
Paradise awaits, cradled in gods spite
Judged by church and state to get inside
Catching the ones who deceit and lie when it’s the end of a bitter life.

Satan’s army, recruiting over time
Building a cavernous temple with shrine
An oath given to the devil drunk on wine
Soldiers dressed in a demons shine
All in black, sent to earth to dine
Burning feathers of wings to weak to fly
All in a battle over an animals hide when it’s the end of a tragic life.

If I, but have, one wish, before I die
That wish, would be, to love right
With all my heart, without respite
Held back for far too long in fright
To allow another, to touch inside
Let go of all the fears that need to ignite
For-with death, comes a comedy divine when it’s the end of a lonely life.


If I Could Fly

If I Could Fly

If I could fly, not across the sky, that would be ridiculous

But if I could,
it would be with my heart
Every beat would soar, blocking out the sun
Wings flapping, hear it flutter
Screeching, squawking, weaving
Rise and fall along tops of trees
The wind,
through my hair blowing with attitude
Scrape the earth, getting air, letting go
Too many times, fallen on my ass
But I can fly, feeling high
Kamakazi spitfire
Ride the line that divides
Down highway number 9

If I could fly, not across the sky, that would be ridiculous

But if I could,
it would be with my soul
Every feeling would burn with emotion
For love and compassion
Long, drifting out to sea
Where swales turn to waves
The sky, crystal blue or tempest black
When the perfect one comes in
It compels to stand and attack
Ride the swirl, the ocean screams
Kowabunga, speeding fins
Creeping up the spine
Against the coming curl

If I could fly, not across the sky, that would be ridiculous

But if I could,
it would be with my spirit
Every smile would be returned
Many given with the purest of intentions
Stride in the step, merrily-go-lucky
Parks and city streets, a walk in the dark
Taking in the beauty that surrounds with sounds
Voices talking, children playing
Cats chasing birds, flying
Staring at a couple, staring at each other
Blocking out the world, falling in love
Drawing in the moment, lips meet as one
Wings open to try and fly


The Sweet, Sweet Nectar of a Poem

Have come to know, to taste,
the sweet, sweet nectar of a poem

Thoughts inspired by emotion,
igniting a fiery passion
Poet brushes words,
in a picture penned fashion
Filling a canvass with life,
breathed and owned
Images cut by a tongue wielding verses
Lines, sharp as a razor,
but smooth like a meandering river
Heart pounding horror,
blood stained terror,
demons at night rein havoc
Sonnets of ladies wearing bonnets,
in gardens placing flowers in baskets
The dark side of the moon,
cries of pain,
lonely loon on a lake strains
The happy and cheerful,
making us feel wonderful,
a misty, that’s coloured magical
The hot and spicy,
kiss and tell,
mind blowing orgasms,
screams of heaven and hell
Pussy Galore, Bonds’ sly smile,
a pistol packed and ready to fire
Haikus and prose,
free writes that excite,
a form is a form not all can conform
Short or long,
every word, line,
no matter what, it’s fine
A poem feels from the soul,
it’s breath beats a rhythmic toll
Pages written and ripped from the spine, tossed aside,
more crap for the eyes
Rewrites and edits,
credits and notes,
sharing thought provoking quotes

Have come to love, to devour,
the sweet, sweet nectar of a poem


Mother Nature

Wind at my feet, tingles summer sweet
The moon hidden within a cool June
Clouds painted grey, misty-breath sprays
Rain drops bounce
off leaves in trees they dance
Sounds of a symphony
playing natures harmony

Creating words in my head that would be read
Sublime visions, exploding in colourful images
Waiting for the sun to rise, brightens the eyes
Deep emerald green
a blanket laid serene
Dotted with flowers
bursting vivid colours

Species of every kind, fills the heart and mind
Her beauty exists, when Mother Nature permits
Beholder witness, her loving forgiveness
She may toil and thunder
turn us over and under
Split open the ground
shake the oceans around

We toss debris, along highways built for you and me
Insulting her existence, tarnishing her brilliance
Anger unleashed, the earth besieged
Until a calm comes
from her gracious palm
Stroking a face
with a warming grace
A love for her children
in spirits kindred

Antony ➰

Ode to Earth Day




Blood red ink across parchment sewn
Absorbed into words, a poem born

Thorns prick
droplets drip
taste of honey trips
Dragged from a low, sorrows heart skips

Pumped with a fix to rise and awake
Surged with courage, the earth quakes
Toe to toe
eyes on eyes
locking lips, kiss, kiss

Take a chance and kiss me, kiss me, miss
Feel the beat pound and pound against
Breathe in sync, slow enough for an artist to sketch

Hold and grasp. Bite with might
Feel the bliss. Overwhelmed by this

Take the chance. Unzip pants
Shed the weight of man made rags
Skin to skin. Love making is not a sin

Rush of want, feeds the need for a night
A journey through flesh, soul and mind
Walk away without regret except to say
We’d share an island as castaways

Blood red ink scribed across parchment sewn
Nesting in a leather bound cover, forever closed