Come Dance With Me

Come Dance With Me

How bittersweet the journey has, travelled long, highs, lows
Lured by dimpled smiles, dreamy, steamy, sexy eyes
Fell in love a thousand times, every one hit a beat in rhymes
Held captive to a broken heart, fades to a hardened scar…

Come dance with me, soothe our souls
Could you, would you, find the time to roll
Blaze the herb of peace and tranquility
Take a chance on a night filled sensuality
Come dance with me, flesh to flesh
Feel the heat, warm our skin flush
Side to side, swaying with the breeze
All alone, no one watching, now breathe
Come dance with me, open wide
Make every step a silky glide
Taste what we feel, touch back every touch
A lifetime flashed, make every second count
Come dance with me, to the very end
Lay down slow from a spinning pirouette
Beautiful swan drunk and charmed
Faerie tale dreams in a princes’ arms


Above La Lunas’ Glow

Above La Luna’s Glow

Above la Luna’s glow
Eyes cast beyond stars
Darkness consumes
All, of a lonesome heart
Wingless blackbird
Stranded on earth
Rooted to ground
Misery found

Above la Luna’s glow
A beacon pulls
Connecting soul and mind
Sucking the energy dry
Eyes shaded black like coal
But shines with a glow
Bright as the moon
An onyx one

Above la Luna’s glow
Waits, a far away home
Ferryman journeys
Collecting passengers
Scarred with the mark
A ticket to ride
Galaxy’s past
Light years away

Above la Luna’s glow
Fades in, new dawn
Witness, the rising sun
Still, planet earth
Counting the minutes
Ticking and tocks
Passing of time
Lost, lost, still lost

Above la Luna’s glow
Returns the yearning pull
Glides the razors edge
A mark left by a previous scar
The ferryman nods
Opens the door
Taking a soul
To a world unknown

Above la Luna’s glow
One will never know
What lies beyond the known
In death, dreams may come true
To close the eyes
For the very last time
A silence grows
As the final breath blows


If I Could Fly

If I Could Fly

If I could fly, not across the sky, that would be ridiculous

But if I could,
it would be with my heart
Every beat would soar, blocking out the sun
Wings flapping, hear it flutter
Screeching, squawking, weaving
Rise and fall along tops of trees
The wind,
through my hair blowing with attitude
Scrape the earth, getting air, letting go
Too many times, fallen on my ass
But I can fly, feeling high
Kamakazi spitfire
Ride the line that divides
Down highway number 9

If I could fly, not across the sky, that would be ridiculous

But if I could,
it would be with my soul
Every feeling would burn with emotion
For love and compassion
Long, drifting out to sea
Where swales turn to waves
The sky, crystal blue or tempest black
When the perfect one comes in
It compels to stand and attack
Ride the swirl, the ocean screams
Kowabunga, speeding fins
Creeping up the spine
Against the coming curl

If I could fly, not across the sky, that would be ridiculous

But if I could,
it would be with my spirit
Every smile would be returned
Many given with the purest of intentions
Stride in the step, merrily-go-lucky
Parks and city streets, a walk in the dark
Taking in the beauty that surrounds with sounds
Voices talking, children playing
Cats chasing birds, flying
Staring at a couple, staring at each other
Blocking out the world, falling in love
Drawing in the moment, lips meet as one
Wings open to try and fly


On The Moon ~ with a different point of view

I closed my eyes to visualize
A trip into outer space

Gravity escapes me
As I rise and rise in a silent grace

Distant stars are unreachable
Except in the mind of a wild child

To think of a place oh so far away
In a utopian state

Where bliss is peace
And love is the fuel that feeds the soul

Hunger is seldom a word used
Sharing is the knowledge that creates the future

A compelling look that takes me back
To gaze at the earth with a different point of view

Settle down on the moon
Taking stock of a world before my eyes

Churning oceans of clouds that swirls
Wisps of white cotton candy spun in twirls

Snow capped mountains that dot
Valleys that are painted emerald green, it breaths

Rivers that line and weave
Pooling into lakes, once crystal clear

Trees and flowers that take turns
Blooming and shedding the passing seasons

Birds of a feather that flock
Beasts that roam securing their right to life

And man
The root of evil

I gaze once more at a twinkling light
No shapes, no life, just a spot that shines bright

My heart turns to call on earth
With a hope to save its worth


They Come Out At Night

They come out at night
Many have tried to count
From left to right
Spanning an endless amount

On a clear night they fill the sky
Some twinkle, some stare
Drawing a natural high
A calling for those who dare

To strap on a rocket and go
Like so many, not alone
To journey beyond what they know
In search of the unknown

They come out at night
Where wishes for wishes are made
Catching a star, streaming its light
A hope on a prayer, that it doesn’t fade

On a clear night they fill the sky
With dreams of another world
Tiny specks to the naked eye
Waves of galaxies unfurled

Mapping a path to destiny
Far off, far off where treasures be
Trailing the way leaving a legacy
Planted roots that sprout and shout to be free

They come out at night
Each star in its own place
Connecting the dots that shine bright
Duly named as it sits in its space

On a clear night they fill the sky
Landmarks, if you will
Gazers eye, Ursa Majors dip and lie
Spotting one, a childlike thrill

To cap it off in worth
Matters not what dreams we speak of
Eyes that twinkle alone here on earth
If never shared, what is there to love