The End

The End

Yellow, a mellow fellow who just gets by
Green, connected to nature getting high
Blue, the ones afflicted with a daily fight
Orange, artists creating sounds and sight
Red, are the lovers loving madly tonight
Grey, on the fence, sways left and right
Death is a delight when it’s the end of a colourful life.

Missing are the blacks and whites
They are forever holding tight
Souls of many tugging to a rite
Angels sing of joys triumphant sight
Paradise awaits, cradled in gods spite
Judged by church and state to get inside
Catching the ones who deceit and lie when it’s the end of a bitter life.

Satan’s army, recruiting over time
Building a cavernous temple with shrine
An oath given to the devil drunk on wine
Soldiers dressed in a demons shine
All in black, sent to earth to dine
Burning feathers of wings to weak to fly
All in a battle over an animals hide when it’s the end of a tragic life.

If I, but have, one wish, before I die
That wish, would be, to love right
With all my heart, without respite
Held back for far too long in fright
To allow another, to touch inside
Let go of all the fears that need to ignite
For-with death, comes a comedy divine when it’s the end of a lonely life.


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