Sinister Serial Tale

Sinister Serial Tale

Darkness comes, the sins of a man swells
A beast grunts with a famine where it dwells
Passion is made by his own demon spells

To cast a blood red dagger
Used to slash and murder
In boiling rage of fervour

Sickly state of mind breathes stale
Air filling lungs poisoned by venom ale
A Jekyll and Hydes, Sinister Serial Tale

A beastly soul no doubt, they obsess
The elixir drunk from vile ingests
A tormented soul, nonetheless

Victims sought by pale light of moon
Sheathed by fog in streets they swoon
Hear an eerie song without a tune

Screams the victim from first sight
A ghastly vision hidden from light
Final breath expelled on a murderous night

Quenched the hunger in hollow belly
Wipes the blood, stains like jelly
Hyde becomes Jekyll quietly

Carries will and want to no ends
This weeping flow of blood blends
Hardened then softens as it mends

Cocks crow the dawn of a new days number
Awakens those from peaceful slumber
Death discovered in screams of thunder


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