Woman ii/v by Ax: A Closer View

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Woman ii/v
by Ax

In different point of view,
the blood that is pumped,
through my veins follows,
the shape of a woman,
that invades my,

The hour is glassed,
as time beads in drops,
with a yearning to hold,
her hips in my hands,
soaked with my,

The scent that rises,
from her wet moist cunt,
drips on the head,
of my bulging cock,
filling more, my

To hold her hair as reins,
and pull back her head,
as my thrust impales,
smacking flesh to flesh,
porno fucking my,


There continues to be symmetry in the appearance of the poem, a rising and falling with each of the four stanzas appearing at large like the rest. Perhaps much like the revolving that occurs in a relationship: the pushing away, the pulling towards. The desire to have and yet the fear of it, too. This…

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