Woman i /v

I can draw your lines by heart,
the flow from ink that bleeds,
from the cuts across my wrists,
drips along my fingers,
as they press,
shaping your,

Stars like crystal hovers above,
twinkles that fade in your presence ,
the shine in your eyes glitter,
brighter than any star,
heaven can muster,
blessing your,


13 thoughts on “Woman i /v

    1. I keep being drawn back to this series, like a moth to a flame. the need to put forth blood and life force to finding the right mate, one whose beauty both in the darkness and light that you can appreciate. the imagery, the drawings have me all thinking and feeling… i may like to repost with commentary with your permission, I feel so much of what you have here is parallel to my own greater vision. i’m happy to share with you prior to posting if you wish. of course, i’ll give you credit, linking to your blog and original postings.

      1. Your comment is touching. Very much so.
        Waking to this message was a heart warming surprise.
        Go ahead if you wish to repost. With gratitude πŸ™β€οΈ

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