Forever Yours, My Love

Forever Yours, My Love

I find myself in the dark
Think of a time
love struck my heart

Floated in slow,
like a butterfly dancing in the meadow

I swear,
when she said hello my knees buckled,
my smile sparkled

Straining to see her eyes
I flipped through the pages of her time
Its this kind of love that has me stuck in a world surrounded by wifi

Poetry collided, it melded into a duet like it was making love under a sunset

Words fused as one, flowing lines, creating verses, spinning the world on its axis

She wanted a kiss, I craved that bliss

If only the matrix were real, transporting me from the surreal, so I can feel

To know the touch I speak-of and whisper, forever yours, my-love


Photo: sunset drive through Alberta Canada

A Poets Mess

A Poets Mess

Words flowing in syllables,
creating visual beats
A comma produces a pause,
like taking a turn on the streets
Trying to make sense,
reading these words of a poets mess…

Moonlit sky on a peaceful night
The black of space is blue tonight
Gaze upon a single star
Searching for words from afar
How can a poet describe what he sees
If he doesn’t feel the moment appear
Clouds that barely move, covers the moon
Sweep across its back, a blank consumes
Wordless, a disease of the mind
When creation is hard to find
How can a poet describe what she sees
When her heart, only feels, the tease
Fighting the void by throwing in thoughts
Jumbled, mumbled, conjugates not
A phrase that would meld to tell
The death of a poet, he fell
How can a poet describe what it sees
When it can’t, see the forest, for the trees


Supper In The Forest

Supper In The Forest

Sweet smell of autumn, intoxicating
Under canopies of half naked branches
Pinecones litter the ground, soaking
Pineing for the honour of company
Embracing the love of nature
Reading poetry, gives homage to a tree

Incense fuming, around a fire burning
Nestled and wrapped in wooly blankets

Tiny bits and bites to feast
Happy and sad, drowning in wine
Entwined, in a silent moment leading

First a kiss that trails to many
Orally expressing desires and fantasies
Releasing inhibitions that knot
Eating the fruit of passion with want

Supper in the forest
Together, dreams flourish


Photo taken along a journey thru Alberta. Home Sweet Home

Oh My

Oh My

It never dies, it stays in the clouds until one day, it rains down, someone finds it and smiles.
With kindest words they fill a joy that is felt like sunshine and warm apple pie
oh my!

Screaming out with verbs that rhyme creating phrases to pull you in, to hold you tight, to fight.
Describing a moment, yes with pain but to show how courage could change this world filled with hate
oh my!

Is poetry, love? or Is love, poetry? two questions asked in sonnets and songs recited in flowing lyrics.
Both the same in a way, how every line tries to capture curves so sublime, intoxicates the mind
oh my!

Poetry turns on the passion down below like sex, stirs and wakes but knows the excitement in prose
Words could never express the true feeling of sex when thrown into lust between two, love wins just
oh my!

Poetry will never die, as long as life continues to thrive, breathing in, out, with a loving heart.
What I love about poetry is that I get to write merde like this, and hope it makes you smile inside
oh my!


High As A Kite, Unconditionally

High As A Kite, Unconditionally

I once flew a kite
that was gifted to me
The first of nothing else
ever did I see
I know not how it came to be
but he gave that kite to me
A fathers gift or a barters deal
I do not see
Not for any other reason that it could be
That means nothing to me

I set that kite myself alone
Step by step I tried to see
The image
That my gift would fly
High as a kite
In me
I watched that kite dip and dive
I yelled, dad look and see
As if wings sprouted from my back
It carried me
I floated high to the sky
Surely he must see
A child wanting for nothing but love
High as a kite, Unconditionally


Photo: Sunday afternoon by the Bow River Alberta πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦